Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Barbara Handfield

Barbara Handfield

5 Workouts that Boost Your Metabolism while Exercising

5 Workouts that Boost Your Metabolism while Exercising

If you are health and fitness-focused, you have probably heard about metabolism. So what is metabolism? Metabolism refers to chemical reactions that take place in living cells in order to sustain life. There are two types of metabolism;...

TCI Gourmet Mushrooms

TCI Gourmet Mushrooms

Ms. Roydoya Robinson at the Farmers’ Market, Providenciales Throughout history, the bond between humanity and the Earth has been strengthened by the age-old practice of farming. From cultivating crops and raising animals to developing modern agricultural techniques, agriculture...

The Culture of ‘Girl Fighting’ 

'Most women suffer from regret and unresolved feelings about relationships with their female peers. Who doesn't have a coming-of-age friendship that you lost because you could not fit in or were ostracized because you didn't go along with...

About Me

Barbara Handfield

Author and Life Coach

Hello and Welcome to GEEMS! My name is Barbara Handfield I am the founder and editor of GEEMS Lifestyle Empowerment Magazine, a trendy, refreshing and engaging read. Like the periodical, GEEMS online follows the same trend providing readers with stimulating, empowering and informative articles. Keeping with the vision of adding value and being an inspiration


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